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The Lynx is probably the rarest and most hidden beast living in Europe. Only the best hunters or...


Within the Risnjak National Park area and its surrounding areas, to date 114 bird species have...

You have decided to spend your day immersed in nature…

We suggest that alpinists and all visitors willing to reach the peaks and enjoy the beautiful views, climb to the Veliki Risnjak (1528 m) and Snježnik (1506 m). You have a number of hiking paths at your disposal, and you only need to choose which one to take.

For all visitors who are not regular climbers, we suggest you visit the Kupa River spring or the Leska educational path.

Regardless of which path you choose, dress appropriately, bring fresh water and something to eat with you and, most importantly, stick to the marked paths. Of course, follow the weather forecast in order to avoid storms half way.



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