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Fishermen… try fly fishing in the rich Kupa River waters…

Recreational fishing “catch and release” is permitted:

  • Brown trout (Salmo trutta) – 16.05. – 30.09.
  • Grayling (Thymallus thymallus) – 16.05. – 15.10.

The fishing area begins just 1 km downstream of the river’s spring, on the area of Srednji Kupari “Malni” until the Čabranka’s confluence in the Kupa River.

The only type of fishing permitted is that using a fishing rod for fly fishing with an artificial fly on a single fish-hook without a contra hook or a single fish-hook on which a contra hook is clinched. Fishing is not permitted from boats or by night.



 A daily fishing ticket is issued and costs 55,00 €. It can be bought  in Kupari -Josip Turk (, in Osilnica – hotel Kovač (   and in Turke – Željko Brekalo (

For more details you can contact us on e mail:

Also, you have to buy entrance ticket for Risnjak national park . It is valid for two days. It could be bought on  entrances in the park (Bijela Vodica, Razloge, Kupari).


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