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The Lynx is probably the rarest and most hidden beast living in Europe. Only the best hunters or...


Within the Risnjak National Park area and its surrounding areas, to date 114 bird species have...
The rocky peak surrounded by mountain meadows will surprise you pleasantly with its availability and picturesqueness. The plants of this area is adapted to the most difficult climate conditions and tolerates without any difficulties the summer’s boiling heat, the severe cold and wind, whilst the view that extends from the lookout at 1506 metres above sea level is one of the most beautiful in Croatia.

To reach Snježnik from the direction of Platak, you will need around an hour. The simplest way is to take the path across the Greben reef to the peak, whilst on your way back you can take the path through Grlo which climbs down on the western part of the Snježnik peak.

If you have more free time we suggest you visit both the Risnjak and Snježnik peaks. The vast Lazac meadow is located among the above mentioned mountain reefs and will enchant you with its extensiveness and colourful plant variety. You will spend a day full of experiences which you will remember forever!!!

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