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The Lynx is probably the rarest and most hidden beast living in Europe. Only the best hunters or...


Within the Risnjak National Park area and its surrounding areas, to date 114 bird species have...
During your visit to the Risnjak National Park the Leska Educational path Leska-Kopashould not be missed – and is one of the first facilities of its kind in Croatia. Opened on 4th June 1993, it has experienced two renovations since then. It is easily accessible from the direction of Crni Lug and its start is located close to the Park’s administration. It has been projected and created in such a way as to deal with each visitor passing through it individually.

A series of 23 information tables, brought together on just 4.2 km footpath are a great chance for encountering the natural and cultural heritage of the national park.

Walk through Leska…, individually or followed by a professional guide…

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