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Natural monument: Kupa spring with its close surroundings

Isn’t this sufficient reason to visit this site within the National Park too???

The area was proclaimed a protected area on 12th December 1963 with its surface area of 10 ha. The Kupa River source is one of many unsolved karst riddles, one of the most powerful, most extended and deepest Croatian wellsprings. 321 metres above sea level, the shaped water mass of the turquoise green and blue lake will enchant you by its appearance.

The upper flow of the Kupa River is, thanks to the wealth of its flora and fauna, called the Enchanted butterfly valley.

A visit to the Kupa spring is reachable from two directions—from the village of Razloge, situated 15 km from Crni Lug and from the village of Kupari, 30 km from the same village. Because of the narrow street, access to both villages is possible by small bus or by personal car.

The footpath from the village of Razloge is full of serpentines and you will need around 30 minutes walk to reach the spring.

You can reach the spring from the village of Hrvatsko too (Crni Lug – Hrvatsko 45 min drive) through Kupari (Hrvtasko-Kupari 1 h 30 min walk). The path from Kupari is situated close to the water flow and will take you to the spring in around 30 min.

You can go back using the path which extends close to the right part of the river bank, parallel with the river flow.

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