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Within the Risnjak National Park area and its surrounding areas, to date 114 bird species have...
The Risnjak massif has always been known for its rich flora that has developed in various microclimatic and geological conditions. This diversity is the base for the relatively high level of floral variety. During field and other activities, and for the purpose of creating a Management plan, the spatial systematized inventory of flora has been carried out on the whole area of the Risnjak National Park.

The main characteristic of the National Park’s flora is the relatively high number of species, up to 1148 species and sub-species. During field research carried out between 2004 and 2006, 83% of all species currently known have been specified for the literature.

The 2 % part of threatened species is also important compared to the total number of registered orders (perception and literature). The representation of orders which experience international convention protection is also relatively high, and reaches 7.1% compared to the total number of registered orders (perception and literature).

Well conserved climatic plant communities, especially forests, with authentic plant species composition, add to the special value of the national park. The number of species, i.e. the wealth of total flora, is surely even bigger considering that the inventary, of the first part of the year, was carried out more unequally. The National Park also includes an exceptional diversity of orchids, from which many are rare and threatened.

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