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The Lynx is probably the rarest and most hidden beast living in Europe. Only the best hunters or...


Within the Risnjak National Park area and its surrounding areas, to date 114 bird species have...

he Risnjak National Park is managed by the Public Institution whose headquarters are located at the very entrance to the National Park, in Bijela Vodica, Crni Lug.

Public Institution organs are composed of: Governing Board, Director and Expert Manager:

  • Director Mario Antolić B.Sc. in Forestry
  • Expert Manager mr. sp. Dragan Turk B.Sc. in Forestry

Members of the Governing Board of the Risnjak National Park’s Public Institution are:

  • dr. sc. Luka Katušić president
  • Sanja Beljan Brkić dipl. iur. – member
  • Nenad Vančina, B.Sc. in Forestry – member
  • dr. sc. Tomislav Dubravac – member
  • mr. sp. Dragan Turk B.Sc. in Forestry – member

The organizational structure, assignments and resposibilities of the Public Institution’s various organizational units are regulated by the Institution’s Charter and Internal Structure and Operating Rules.

The organizational units of the Public Institution Risnjak National Park are:

Governing documents:

Prostorni plan

Program za zaštitu, očuvanje i održavanje šuma NP Risnjak

Opći propisi:

Ostale propise iz područja zaštite prirode moguće je naći na stranicama Ministarstva zaštite okoliša i prirode i Državnog zavoda za zaštitu prirode .


Bijela Vodica – main entry to NP Risnjak

Management building 

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